Attract All the Honeys With Our Beeswax Based Cologne

Buy our natural men's solid cologne in El Paso, TX

Our solid cologne offers all kinds of unique benefits for men. It can improve your confidence and mask odors from work and sweat. If you want to try using men's solid cologne in the El Paso, TX area, Texas Lather may have just what you need. We sell natural solid cologne in 1-ounce tins. With beeswax, jojoba oil and manly fragrance options available, you can find the perfect scent.

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Our solid cologne is easily portable

Here at Texas Lather, we know that carrying around a bottle of cologne isn't always convenient. That's why we've created natural solid cologne pucks that can seamlessly fit in your shirt or pant pockets. You'll be able to take your solid cologne wherever you go, from first-time dinner dates to important business meetings.

Because our solid colognes are so unique and convenient, they're great gifts for men. Your husband, brother or friend will love how easy it is to carry and how great it smells. Whether you're looking for birthday or Valentine's Day gifts for men, our solid colognes are a great option.

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